Escort Services Provided by an Escort Agency Mumbai

Mumbai Escorts

Mumbai Escorts

An escort agency is a company providing escorts for different types of clients and this is generally for sexual service. These agencies typically arrange meetings between clients and escorts at hotel rooms or apartments or even at the residence of the escorts. Meetings arranged in hotel rooms and apartments of the clients are called outcall services while those arranged at the residence of an escort are called incall services. There are even agencies providing escort for long time spans. These escorts generally travel or stay with their clients on a business trip or on a holiday. The same job is carried out by an Escort agency Mumbai which possesses innumerable beautiful and sexy escorts to select from. Escort agencies in Mumbai are paid for the services that they provide. However, customers need to negotiate the additional arrangements and fees directly with the escorts for some other services which might not be offered by the agencies involved. This includes sexual services.

Business Model

An escort agency Mumbai or any other escort agency in any part of the world put forward the claim that they are offering their escorts for providing conversational or social services in place of sexual service. This is because prostitution laws forbid taking payments for sex. Apart from this, communicating with the sole aim of arranging a certain contract for getting sexual services is also forbidden by prostitution laws. The advertisements that you will find for various escort agencies generally skirt the legal column carefully. They avoid offering sexual and prostitution services specifically. Political powers and even the police are well-known to this fact. This practice has been criticized as double standards, not only in Mumbai but in all others parts of the world where governments tax and license the escort agencies. Nevertheless, it is to be noted that there are some escort agencies in Mumbai that prefer to go by the law and they do not provide prostitution or sexual services.


An Mumbai Escorts often recruits girls to work in the form of escorts. The agencies do this by placing advertisements in newspapers and magazines. These agencies generally maintain a complete list of beautiful escorts possessing different appearances and ages for catering to the varied interests of the customers. There are even some agencies dealing in specific varieties of escorts. You can get female for male, male for male and even female for female escorts at these agencies. Male to female escorts are also widely available. The agencies mainly specialize in one sex. However, there are other agencies providing transgender or transsexual escorts providing different sex services. Escorts in Mumbai, enter this business by way of referrals from different friends who might also be in this business.

Financial Considerations

The total money made by Mumbai escorts or any other escort throughout the world varies with several factors like competition from illegal and legal sources, commissions need to be paid to the agencies and sexual attractiveness of the escorts. Independent Female Escorts in Mumbai have different fees according to season and depending on the fact that whether the client is a regular one or a semi-regular one.