Difference Between Mumbai Escorts Girls and Mumbai Call Girls

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Whatsapp 9953884537. Lets discuss about what is the difference between female escorts in Mumbai and call girls in Mumbai

Different between Mumbai escorts and call girl


Though the job profile of a call girl and an escort could be the same, but there is a huge difference between the two, and we will going to discuss it here in points.

Call Girl in Mumbai vs Escort escort in Mumbai

  1. Whatsapp Us @ 9953884537 Call Girls are cheap, they can be hired from low as Rs 7000 to Rs 10000, some call girls who have come online have raised there prices upto Rs 15000 but the same girl used to charge Rs. 5000/- on street, whereas, an cheap escort services starts at Rs 15,000/- and can be as costly as Rs 50,000 in most normal cases. Our charges starts at Rs 12,000/-. The reason for why the former is cheaper than the later is simply, because of the quality. The higher you pay the better girl you get, better girl in the sense, who is funny, charming, attractive personality, way of dressing, life style, sex appeal, sweet smell and the one who doesn’t meet clients on daily basis. Also, if a girl is an actress or something will charge higher.
  2. Call girls are cheap, but it doesn’t mean they earn low than an escort, now to earn like an escort, they work more, they meet multiple clients in a day, if you hire a call girl may be she come and visit you after visiting some other man, due to which health, hygiene are compromised and your health is at risk. On the other hand, Mumbai Escorts basically works part time, may be couple of days in a week. Due to which they are more healthy, their hygiene standards are high, they don’t look like a prostitute or a regular trashy chick from street.
  3. Motive of a call girl is quantity, how many guys she can get in a day, on the other side an escort believes in quality, quality that she can get and she can provide her esteem client.
  4. Call girls are always in hurry, they just want to do it quickly, they don’t waste time on chit-chat, if you have to say or talk about, you can’t consider them, that they will going to listen to you. But an escort, will love to communicate, in fact they are hired on this basis also, what languages they speak and what is their level of understanding and speaking. Like our girls, spends wonderful time with their client, and most of them speaks English, Hindi fluently.
  5. Female Escorts in Mumbai provide Girlfriend Experience and these call girls, will make you feel cheap, they will make you realize that you are screwing a street hooker.
  6. Most call girls are banned from hotels in Mumbai, because they are even not allowed to enter it, due to their appearance. On the other hand, an escort look like a decent, pretty lady, and you know that nobody can stop a pretty lady.
  7. Former could be a nightmare for you, later a romantic date.
  8. Former could be an experience that you might regret afterwards, but a date with an escort is sensuous memorable experience.
  9. If you don’t want to have mechanical experience, you want some romance, cuddles, warmth, passion, dedication, motivation, a friend you should hire an escort always over any call girl.
  10. Many call girls are forced ones, they may be result of human trafficking also, this makes things inhuman and indecent. Human trafficking is a crime, due to which several innocent girls are sold to brothels and are forced to have sex, some who come out on street somehow may have to work as prostitute again for survival only. On the other hand, Female escorts works according to their own wish, they are not forced by anyone, they might have their own reasons for it, may be they would want to have more money, enjoy social meetings, higher sex appeal, meet decent kind gentleman, or anything, but they are not forced, many of them even work in other sectors also like cinema, modelling, BPOs, etc.